Road Trip – A video from 8000 stills and the Sony RX1 by Ofer Rozenman


Road Trip – A video from 8000 stills and the Sony RX1

by Ofer Rozenman


I’m a frequent reader of your blog and really like the content you post. Last year you shared a video of mine and recently I’ve finished working on a new stop motion road trip video which I thought you might also like:

On September `14 my wife and I traveled with our friends to eastern Europe. As designated shooter I’ve tried capturing the road trip with this stop motion video made of 200GB and 8000 stills. Enjoy! Sony RX1 for the stills!


Route: Sarajevo (Bosnia) – Mostar (Bosnia) – Dubrovnik (Croatia) – Lokrum (Croatia) – Cavtat (Croatia) – Prcanj (Montenegro) – Split (Croatia) – Sibenik (Croatia) – Baska (Croatia) – Postojna (Slovenia) – Venice (Italy) – Plitvice lakes (Croatia) – Zagreb (Croatia)

Equipment: Sony RX1.

Music:Big Jet Plane (Radio Edit)” by Angus and Julia Stone 

As themselves: Sanda Krsho, Milen Debensason, Liran Hadaya

Everything else: Ofer Rozenman


  1. Truly beautiful video, great work. Hope you had a good time in my homeland. Haven’t been there in a while and it brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

  2. Wow! This is just utterly brilliant work executed masterfully. It has my creative wheels spinning.

    I too will jump on the bandwagon that would love to see a behind the scenes tutorial.

    One question for you: It looks as if many shots are HDR. Did you actually shoot HDR images for some of this or did you just get that dynamic range out of single shots in post?


  3. I’ll join the choir and say that this truly is amazing work!
    I just have one how-to question though, you said it took roughly 8000 still to make the video. What was your frame rate, i.e. how many stills did you use for every second of movie? I’m asking because I’m curious of how many stills to shoot for a scene to get that “twitchy” feeling you got in the video.

  4. Amazing!!

    I like your video very much. But was’nt it a hard work to take so many stills and put them together to this video?
    Could you ever enjoy your holidays, it looks so, but it’s hard to believe. Anyway, again it is an exciting way to create a holiday memory.


  5. I will echo what has already been said – absolutely incredible! This is an amazing piece of work from a gifted artist. As I watched, I kept thinking, I cannot believe what I am seeing – the vision, the skill, and the effort required to pull it all together. Wow.

  6. Nice – just joining as I would love to see a write-up on how it was done. Not that I want to do it myself, just would like to know the process as I feel I could appreciate it even more.

  7. Not sure if this was already addressed, was curious which editing app was used for this amazing stop motion video? I’m an educator and we’re in the process of introducing stop motion as a project in our Great Neck Public Schools Mac based computer lab here on Long Island 🙂 Thank you!

  8. Fab loved the dolley type shot in venice square of your wife? spinning around I used to edit commercials high end and this is very ell done thanks for sharing

  9. Made the same trip as a eight year old boy in my parents DAF 55 Marathon, with a 600 cc 2 cilinder engine an 34 BHP……..and of course an F in my hands and an F2 in my dads………then Yougoslavia was still in one piece and in the hands of general Tito. Im 51 now and boy has Europe changed. But Dubrovnik still is Dubrovnik. And damned has technology changed…..and creativity blossomed. We both shot 12 rolls of film (6 B&W probably Ilford stock, FP4 or HP3 and 6 slide (Kodakchrome what else)…….one of those rolls we forgot on the embankment the Neretva near the bridge in Mostar. But having said that……what a whopping film you made Ofer!

  10. Everyone’s a photog now that little skill is required to make a photo. Ofer’s “offer” is the new darkroom: took lots of timing, skill, and commitment to set it off from the burgeoning pack. Bravo!

  11. So stunning I am speechless.

    Makes me feel completely inadequate.

    (…goes to throw out camera gear and quit photography.)

    Thanks for sharing your brilliant work.


  12. Great video. I keep hoping they will have an RX2 with the new pop-up viewfinder like the RX100mk3, the first one wasn’t going to work for me with the accessory external viewfinder.

  13. Perfect representation of life today! racing at break neck speed.
    Personally that’s why i shot stills.
    Time to reflect, to dream, to be lazy.
    well done.

  14. This video is excellent ! I wish i were as talented as you are mate, really !

    On a more technical level, the more i see picture from the RX1, the more i want it, and i love the very small and discreet form factor, it’s really what i’m looking for now, quality but small.

  15. I echo all the comments here….brilliant work and an inspiration to get out and shoot. The RX1 is also my go to camera and I see very little point in ever changing or upgrading.

  16. That was AMAZING! Loved it! I can just imagine the amount if work, and the patience involved in taking the pics. This is pure genius creating pure beauty!

  17. Wow, really cool. The ‘zoom in/zoom out’ sequences where really nice. I’d be interested in seeing the workflow to do this as well.

  18. Ofer, I just wanted to tell you how absolutely amazing this is. Made my whole morning. I felt like I was with you and your wife and friends. It is beautiful, emotional, and just a fantastic opportunity to see the trip through your eyes. Thanks so much for putting it together and sharing. I have an RX1 also and was thrilled to see it put to such good use.

  19. Really really great works. I love it very much. Wish you can share how you made it & look forward to your another Still photos video !

  20. Ofer,
    Truly great job and very inspiring for us RX1 owners! You have a very creative talent! Thank you for sharing!!!!


  21. This is an incredibly delightful video. Well done. I’ve never been a big video guy, but this an interesting and creative method. I loved the play with perspective. Officially inspired. Thanks, Ofer. Thanks Steve, for sharing with us.

      • You definitely brought the concept to another level!

        I like the song, the melo of it smooths the whole thing out. And your video is actually nicer to watch than their music video…
        Just a technical question, what frequency for the stills (3 per seconde / 1 per seconde?) and do you stitch them back together using the same time (if 3 per seconde, stitch back 3 for each seconde?). Thanks, looking forward to your tutorial.

  22. I dont really see how this is ‘just another’ road trip video. This is definitely one of the best out there. Amazing work, amazing trip. But most important, amazing times for you!

  23. Awesome work! Can you comment on how you put each scene together? In other words, do you see a pan sequence in your head and then recreate it with stills or do you just take a bunch of different shots of a “scene” and the stitch them together afterwards?

  24. Really great. Love the idea and the video. You going to write a bit more about how you did it, some of the challenges or things to watch out for?

  25. A unusual presentation which grabbed me half way thru. Very creative. Your music selection really helped soften the staccato image stacking. Obviously a great deal of work, care and fore-thought went into producing this–wow–thank you Steve and Ofer.

  26. “Ultra cool”! One of the most unique features I’ve had the pleasure of viewing on Steve’s site. You could make money doing these 🙂

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