The Sony RX1RII goes to Cuba by Stefan Enator

The Sony RX1RII goes to Cuba

by Stefan Enator

I had the original Rx1R, sold it eventually (don’t know why) got a used copy of the Rx1II and with this little gem I was and am traveling through Cuba and northern Colombia, up the Caribbean coast (La Guajira, not far from Venezuela). All photos were converted into black & white with Capture One, which I like way better than Lightroom. (Colors are way better, as well as black and white conversion).

Since I live in a country without Amazon, eBay and UPS, there’s no danger of selling old and buying new gear constantly. Maybe because of this, I “still” own the Rx1rII, even though every time I review photos of new released cameras, I’m eventually asserting that the little Sony does not lag behind in terms of IQ.

Actually, until today I would not know of any camera that could meet my needs better: unobtrusive and great, organic, film like output. I am wondering why today’s lenses getting bigger and bigger, and when you want the IQ and character of full frame and are in need of a small, lightweight package, I see no alternative. You just don’t want to stroll through Bogota’s o Quito’s streets with even a Nikon Z6. And this brings me to my point: it’s not only about superior IQ, rather about if you can take photos at all in some environments. I have been using the Rx1rII on top of snowcapped volcanos, in the amazon rainforest, South Americas big city’s streets and on Caribbean beaches.

It was in 2016, that I sold photos to an international newspaper of a Guerrilla Camp in Colombia taken with the Leica X2. Bigger cameras often just inhibit taking pictures at all. 

I owe Steve the purchase of this camera, since I was close to get the Leica Q, but his reviews made me save some cash and get the Sony instead. I like very much his approach on “gear”, this is why I’m glade to share some photos.

The first bunch was taken in Colombia’s Guajira Department, where we went sailing with the son of a cacique (Chief) of a local tribe last November. The pink flamingos in the lagoon are shining in the black and white conversations…

The second bunch was taken last December in Cuba, mostly in La Habana and Trinidad. Hopefully, the black and white is not to stereotype, I am not sure, but still like them.

More photos can been seen here:

Many thanks again,

Stefan Enator


  1. I like the back seat car shots, but most of the rest looking like ordinary holiday street shooting.

  2. Hey all, thanks for your kind comments! In December, I will be in Bolivia’s Altiplano (Andean highlands) region with the little Sony, maybe there will be another guest post.

  3. Certainly RX1r ii is a great little camera. However, it is your photographic vision that makes your images special. Really enjoyed your photos mate.

  4. I love your pictures. Different from other’s Cuba images. Adequate exposure to my taste, if you don’t need (or want) to show many details in the dark area (well, can be subjective). RX1 series is my favorite camera, too.

  5. I agree about the need – or lack of – to change and upgrade gear constantly. I, too, live quite remotely and cannot take advantage of trade-in deals and similar incentives. I have the A7R mk2 and this camera, with the same sensor as the RX1R2, is giving me wonderful images. “Organic, film like output” describes my feelings as well, particularly in low light with the ISO boosted to 3200. Nothing comes close when l attach a Zeiss prime and shoot Greek festivals in half-lit village squares.

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