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  1. Any YI M1 mirrorless camera??? I am planning to get one… I mean just right for my budget… what do you think guys? They are selling it here in the Philippines, I thought, maybe I can try this new brand… looksgood to me being a beginner and having a tight budget… I found their page and let me know your thoughts guys… http://yitechnology.com/yimirrorless/index/id/8.html

  2. Love your reviews!

    Please recommend a mirrorless camera and 2 lens kit for portrait photography. Almost all portraits will be shot outdoors. I am considering jumping ship from Canon 6D.

  3. Some months ago, you announced that you had received the Zukio 7-14mm zoom, but did you ever post your review of it? Doesn’t seem to be showing in the mirrorless section.

  4. Please help! 🙂

    I am really struggling between purchasing the Sony A7Rii or the A7Sii. I have been commissioned by a little museum in Lancaster county PA to purchase a video camera to do some interviews that would be used in the museum. Basically the history videos will be portrayed on HD monitors and possibly a few white screens. My first instinct is to simply purchase the Sony A7sii because it claims to be made more for video.

    However, as I go through the video comparisons and forums I get confused. I am tempted by the high-resolution images on the A7Rii and it appears that the video is almost as good. In some ways, as with AF and some color issues the A7Rii appears perhaps even better.

    We have a few nice Canon lenses. And we already have the Sony 24-135mm F/4 lens. I should mention that we do take pictures of things like churches, ancient manuscripts and other old stuff. We use these images in a “Ken Burns” way in the documentaries.

    I could imagine that the cropping power of the A7sRii could be a benefit… However, we will never print a huge billboard.

    So…. I would love to have your advice. . 🙂 I’m sure you are busy…so If you would have time to simply state “R” or “S”. Thank you!!!

    • Well, the A7sII has faster and better AF than the RII, without question. Though the AF of the RII is plenty good for your needs. If you plan to stay at 12,800 or under (and you should for images), then I suggest the RII. It will give you cropping power and the video is pro level, I used it for a full production (aside from this site) and its amazing. The SII is also amazing but if you want to crop, it is not the best solution.

  5. Hi I just bought the Sony A7R and want to use my Canon L glass with it…what adapter do you suggest using with it, MetaBones? Also if I were to get a native lens for the 7R what would you suggest? I would like around a 90mm that can focus close. thanks Pam

  6. I’m getting old and tired of lugging all the DSLR camera equipment on and off airplanes. My travels are less memorable now becaue the equipment ends up staying in the hotel or car most of the time. Lately I’m thinking that a mirrorless system may offer a happy physical size and quality alternative. The Sony a6000 seems to be a likely place to start but is the picture and print quality comparable? I was told by my local all-things-photography purveyor that my Nikon DSLR lenses will, with an adaptor, work full auto on the a6000. Is this true?

    • Marion I feel the same way. I will be 60 next year. I have read all about mirror less and almost bought the Sony a6000 until I checked out the lens. Since I do wildlife I am looking for the lens to replace the quality of what I have. I decided to go with Olympus and went to the store to feel both. I liked the feel of the OMD E1 but opted to wait for the next model and hope for 24 mp because of the croping I do for birds. My hands hurt just holding my D7100 and 80-400 and also carrying it around on a tripod. I cant tell you how much I love that set up. I plan on getting the Pro lens from olympus. I hope that gives you some help. Im not a pro but very serious about my photography. My family loves my pictures but also think im nuts getting up at 4:00am.

  7. Hi Steve, would you buy the OMD E1 or wait for version II? Finally jumping into mirror less. Thanks

  8. Of all the mirrors cameras which has the best bar none imagine quality? I shoot mainly landscapes that are blown up quite large…starting at 16×20 up 30×40 and sometimes larger so image quality is by far the most important aspect of the camera besides good quality lens…any suggestions? thanks

      • The Sony A711…that’s the full frame right? I’ll have to look into it. How are Sony’s lens quality compared to Canon’s L series? I really wish Canon would make a mirrorless camera I could use my Canon lens with. The original EOS M is selling for just a couple hundred now. I might buy one just to play around with it. I understand the M lens are quite good.

        • Leica M lenses are quite good. NO comment on the EOS M, well, I will… for me, it was the worst mirrorless camera release ever. A total flop and failure for so many reasons. Can it take a nice picture? Sure..but getting there is not fun. There is a reason why its dirt cheap today. No one bought them. The A7II is, IMO, the best Sony A7 body today.

          • OK I will check out the Sony. Still might get a M to play with as I can use my L lenses. I do like the idea of full frame though. I would like something smaller and lighter than my 5D to take around with me ever where. thanks for your input.

          • Steven just got finished looking at all the pictures taken by the Sony A7II. While it has incredible depth of color and detail, I find the color gradation and shading too harsh. Also the skin tones seem to be blown out to me. What I love about Canon is the beautiful shading of colors into each. So far I have not seen any camera that can beat a Canon in that respect. Maybe it’s just the lighting or most likely my own preference. Maybe I should rent the Sony and try it hands on to really get a feel for it.

          • Renting is always best. But the camera does the opposite of blowing out skin tone. Lenses are what give you the IQ more than anything. But best thing is to rent it and see how you like it.

          • True about lenses giving you the IQ…maybe I’m just reluctant to give up my Canon lenses…lol…I used a Leica rangefinder back in the day and didn’t like it. I haven’t used Leica lens since. Guess it might be time to expand my horizons.

  9. Steve,

    I’ve assembled a great set of lenses for my a7r based on your in-depth reviews. The last missing piece is a fast 35. I have the Voigtlander 35/1.2, and it is a great lens, but it is seriously out-resolved by the Sony sensor, as I discovered during a recent landscape shoot.

    I tried the Leica 35/1.4, and it was sharp, but there was quite a bit of fringing going on in high-contrast areas, and I’m not a fan of the tab-focus mechanism when used with the a7r. Definitely not made for the Sony sensor!

    I noticed two promising lenses coming out soon: the Voigtlander 35/1.7 and the Zeiss 35/1.4. Both appear to be made specifically for high-resolution digital (mirrorless) sensors, and both are priced well within reach. I don’t have any Zeiss glass, just Voigtlander and Leica. Have you had any chance to try out either lens for more than a few shots? Any chance you have a copy of these shipping to the Huff household for evaluation soon?

    Thanks, and keep up the excellent reportage!


    • I have the Zeiss 35 1.4 set to be sent to me a day or two before release. I am buying that one for myself 😉 Have not tried it but I am betting it will be pretty special.

  10. Steve,

    I really appreciate your reviews. I’m looking for a mirrorless camera to replace an older Canon DSLR camera. I would still classify myself as a ‘beginner’ photographer but I’m looking for something with great image quality and something where I can take family videos. I’m looking for something hopefully under $1,000 but also something that I can use for a long time and develop my photography skills. In an earlier comment (Dec 2012), you suggested the Fuji XE1 or the Olympus OMD. Both are on my price range but are they a little outdated now? Any new suggestions? Are the upgrades on the former suggestions worth the upgrade? Also was looking into Sony NEX 6.


    • WHAT about canon? you don’t take the handicapped eosm seriously do you? canon won’t offer a reasonable mirrorless until they evolve their line of dslr to mirrorless as sony is doing at the moment.

  11. I’m looking to downsize from a Nikon D4 to a more compact mirrorless system, but am having a hard time sacrificing some of the key elements, such as high ISO performance, super fast AF and availability of greater/fast glass. I’m really looking for something more portable, but still with great the performance that I have now. I have some great Nikon primes and other 2.8 zooms, so this switch would probably also mean ditching the investment in glass, also. I shoot a wide variety of subjects, including sports: both indoors and out. I gave the first generation of Nikon 1 systems a try but they didn’t live up to the demand but that may have changed since then? I just don’t want to give up my whole system without having confidence that I can replace it with something that I can continue to grow with over time. That has always been the benefit of the Nikon F Mount.

    Any suggestions on one or two options that would not be a disappointment?

    Any rumors out there of a Nikon Mirrorless system sporting an F Mount and bigger sensor?

    • That is a difficult question to answer, simply because of all the choices out there. what is your budget? if you are willing to settle for MFT, the omdem5 or the panasonic gx7 would make for good choices… just check lens evaluations before you decide on which lens. but for better high iso performance, I would go with apsc, like the nex7. what’s nice about the mirrorless systems, is some have a nice pancake lens available, so you can have something pocketable like a Ricoh GR, but have interchangeable lenses. comes to mind in this category the NX210 (nx300 has annoying buffer issues), GX7, epl5. the samsung pancake lenses are very well regarded, and there is one or two good ones in MFT as well, but you’d have to check which ones, because there are some bad ones too.

      You will wait a year or two before Nikon replaces their Nikon 1 system with something better: they are still too heavily invested into the mirrorbox-based systems, and they would have to admit they were wrong… they need to find an elegant way to make the transition. Sony’s new models might force their hand though.

      feel free to y!messenger me if you like at xcitim

      • ps: you can get an adapter for $22 on ebay, to adapt (in manual mode only) your lenses to any mirrorless camera. there are also some rare adapters that allow some cameras to control your lens as they have a chip in them and contacts that go through. I think I’ve seen it only for canon, perhaps nikon too. but it kind of defeats the purpose of having a more compact camera, as the adapter will prolong the base so your lens has the same backfocus distance it was designed for, and the lenses themselves are larger than what you would have on an APSC camera or other mirrorless. BTW, the lenses on APSC and MFT are the same size in the lower focal lengths, MFT only having an advantage in the longer focal lengths. (for MFT fans who would argue, you can compare on camerasize.com some of the lenses on the Samsung system compared to the MFT cameras)

  12. Hi there it is indeed a very good site…….a year ago I bought epl1 for my kids…….and guess what……I find it amazing ,the mirrorless 4/3……few days ago I gave away my Olympus E3,14-45 2.8-3.5,macro 35.50-200 swd and bought myself a new pen ep2 black edition with oly 17 2.8 prime (I know it it already old stuff ) and it is AMAZING…I gave away also the epl1….so now I have pen ep2 ,17 mm 2.8 oly prime and 40-150 zoom 4 – 5.6 R ed MSC lens…….everything seems to work great……for sport photography(cycling events) should I use some of the 4/3 lenses such as the old non swd 50-200 or should I get panasonic 40-200 micro swd

    • When I get one I will do a review. Panasonic does not send me review samples like other companies do. Well, Fuji and Panasonic do not send them anymore. Probably because I have not liked the latest cameras from either. Camera companies do not like negative reviews but I pre-ordered the GX7 on day one so will have to wait until it is released to review it. I do think I will love it as I love what I see so far.

      • it is a pity about their sour grapes over that.
        it is not a wise strategy for a manufacturer to make enemies. they work so hard, and spend so much money cultivating relationships… it’s not a reviewer’s fault if a camera is crappy.

        I am glad to see that you keep your integrity intact – your site and your opinion just went up a couple of notches in my esteem.

  13. Hey

    Great site, all you work on M43 really makes me wonder where to go. I have a G2 and 20 mm 1.7. I dont like the cam and I am afraid the G2 made me dislike the 20 mm as well :0)

    Really thinking about moving to Oly all those great jpegs and that sensor I read abouit here is very tempting. For now I am thinking about glass, cant afford it all, and I am considering the 25 mm 1.4 but I would have to sell the 20 mm. Another option is the 17 mm 1.8 and the 45 mm 1.8. I do miss subject isolation from my DSLR a lot, and I do like quite wideangle “scenic” shooting, so what to do. Either go solely with the 25 mm 1.4 for the great quality or settle a bit more with 17 mm 1.8 allthough it apparently is not as great optics as the 20 mm, but It wouild allow me to get the 45 mm as well.

    Any advice, i know you are busy :0)

    Best wishes


    PS: will you adress that GX7 soon :0)

  14. I’ve heard mirrorless can’t compete with DSLR’s in situations of low light and moving subjects such as children indoors. Is this really true? I love these mirrorless cameras but have stuck with my 60D only for this one concern. Any thoughts?

    • NOt all mirrorless just as not all DSLR’s will be good for moving children in low light. The Olympus OM-D can keep up with ANY DSLR for AF speed. The Fuji? NO. Sony NEX? Almost.

    • that’s just a silly assumption that those people are making.
      your 60D is a fine camera – not sure why you’d want to change it.
      I like mirrorless because it’s less mechanics, higher reliability as a result – and why stay in the horse-and-buggy era when you have motors, right?
      low light performance depends on the sensor size mostly, and the focus system, and the lens. just as Steve replied above, it depends a lot on the camera – some are good, some are poor, and that has nothing to do with a flipping mirror, pardon the pun.
      I use a Samsung NX20 and am VERY happy with it. it rivals many many many good cameras, if you check out the image results at imaging-resource or at DXOmark.
      I’ve been tempted to change it for something even better, but after closely examining test results, I’ve discovered I have absolutely no incentive to change it this year.
      the omdem5 is the best MFT camera out there, along with it’s epl5/epl6 siblings, but an APS sensor will be better in low light as it’s bigger. in APS there is Samsung, Sony, Fuji (and that watered-down camera the canon eosm). Sony’s handicap is their lenses are widely criticized (NEX lenses that is), Fuji’s sensor technology doesn’t quite live up to the hype when you pixel-peep even though they have nice lenses. Samsung rivals Olympus’s omdem6 but may have an advantage in low light, and better control over depth of field just because it’s a bigger sensor. but not all their lenses are good. the 30mm f2 is very much loved (it takes a 22mm f1.6 in MFT to be equivalent), the 45mms are very good, the 85mm f1.4 is outstanding. of the zooms, the non-stabilized 20-50mm is sharper than the OIS 18-55mm – but I sold all my zooms and use only prime lenses now. my 30mm hardly ever comes off.

  15. Ricoh GR in stock now from amazon and Ebay. Only 4 left if anyone is interested. Was just browsing randomly and came across it and immediately bought one. Cant wait for Steve’s review.

  16. It appears that you guys look the other way when it comes to the Samsung brand. In my youth, Japanese products were frowned upon. Perhaps this attitude is a little bit myopic, and merits reconsideration. I’m having great experiences with my NX20. The NX300 has nice features and some flaws, but starting to follow the saga of the new generation as it evolves (evolving into the NX30 and NX310) might be interesting for many readers, and perhaps even a pleasant surprise for some.

    • I do not look the other way with Samsung. The reason you do not see them here is because A: Samsung does not send me samples, even though I have been in contact with them via phone. B: Samsung cameras are not very well known and sales wise, they are at the bottom of the barrel. if Samsung wants to work with me by sending me a sample for 2 weeks I would love to review them and I am sure I would enjoy the camera, the new one looks superb.

      • I stand corrected. I do think their sales are much better than Fuji, for example, especially since an NX300 is half the price of an XE1 or Xpro1, and still less than the new XM1 (and an NX1100 much less yet). but who cares what the sales are? that shouldn’t matter… Leica’s volume is much much less, yet no one calls them “bottom of the barrel”. that just appears biased.

  17. Steve,

    Thanks for your excellent site, and thoughtful reviews. In fact, I’m wondering if you have any plans to do a review of the Olympus E-PL5 sometime soon? It seems that the OM-D-E5 struck a cord with you, as well as the older Pen models, so I’m thinking this camera has a lot to offer for folks who don’t want to spend $1000 on the OMd5. Thoughts?


  18. Hi Steve ,
    What a great site you have! Thanks for all the info. I have an x100 and was thinking of an interchangeable lens camera. My husband has a Panasonic gx1 and I thought it would be a good idea to share lenses, so I thought an Olympus OM-d would be the answer! However, when we got to the camera shop and I compared the Fuji x-e1 with the Olympus the Fuji won hands down! Afterwards I read Amy ‘s review which is excellent!
    Keep up the good work.

  19. Great site and Steve offers wonderful comments on gear. I have an OMD and am looking for the very best lens to shoot wildlife and take on Safari. What is recommended?

    Thanks to all the respondents…

  20. As a beginning photographer, I’m looking to “upgrade” from a point and shoot to a mirrorless Nikon V1. What lenses would you recommend for this camera? Budget is about $500.00 TOTAL…………..


  21. Hi Steve,

    I’ve been looking for a mirrorless camera for 6 months and doing a lot of reading (too much). I’m worst off now trying to make a decision than I was before I started reading reviews. But I do love your article. Steve I was looking for your bottom line though. I’m looking for image quailty number 1. Not over 800.00 dollars. I’ve had Fuji S3 Pro in the past and loved the skin tones it produced. But I guess there is so much more out there now, I don’t know which way to lean. Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, ect.
    I know it’s not mirrorless, but was looking at Pentax K-30. But then again I don’t need a DSLR. I’ve had then for years and want something smaller. Anyways, just asking your thoughts on image quality and valve.

    Thank You

  22. So… nice review and comments on the Sony RX1.
    Why not compare it with the Fuji X100, the other mirror less fixed 35mm you were at least just as lyric about, up until you got your hands on the RX1?
    Would be great to see if there is really a justifiable difference between the 2, given the price tag on both, and the 1.3 software update on the X100 that took away most of the problems it had.

    • I have not had my X100 for many months. The RX1 easily beats the X100 just due to the lens and sensor alone. It is also faster to focus and operate and while it may not look as cool (I prefer the look and style of the X100) there is no contest in the IQ and capabilities between the two. With that said, either camera will do it for almost any enthusiast, the RX1 just takes it over the top, especially for street, night and low light/high ISO shooting. The RAW files are unbelievably rich and robust. I still love the X100 but no need to own it now that I own the RX1. Tech marches on..always.

  23. I am interested in an ILC camera and just saw a Panasonic DMC G3 at B&H for $299 with kit lens. If that deal is true I may pick that up. What do you think? That is by far the cheapest price I have seen.

  24. Hi, I am looking for a new camera so I can finally get rid of my terrible digital camera. I came across your website which has been incredibly helpful (thank you!) and I believe I want to get a mirrorless. I like the multiple lenses (I have an old film one which I love but is inconvenient with photoshop) but have a limited budget (preferable not much more than 500) and have been struggling with the contrasting advice I have been given. I love to travel so picture quality is very important but don’t want anything to simple like a point-and-shoot. I was debating between the Nikon 1 J1/J12 and the Sony NEX 5N but am not committed. Is there any advice from you or anyone?
    Thank you!

  25. My mirrorless cameras as of today: Sigma DP1 Merrill, Sigma DP2 Merrill (both with the dedicated OVF’s), and the Leica X2 (with the EVF-2). Couldn’t be happier.

  26. Will someone please make this mirrorless camera for me?
    Prograde built quality for the camera and lens system
    Fast, superb and varied lens system
    Full frame sensor
    True Rangefinder size and feel
    DSLR-like autofocus, metering, TTL
    Minimal buttons and simplified menus
    Good battery life
    Camera body under $3000

    I know this can be done, but who will dare?
    Please don’t tell me to buy a Leica, I gave up on manual focusing 20 years ago!

  27. Hey Steve,
    Thanks for all the great info. There is just so much, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’m looking at getting a mirrorless camera for underwater photography and video and was wondering what your recommendation would be?

    Thanks alot.

  28. Hi Steve,
    you are doing nice jobe here, great. I am in big dillema; sold all my previous equipment (DSLR) andwant to buy mirrorles body. And cant decide 🙂 Oly OM-D or Sony NEX 7, so can you help me with this :).
    Just from your point of view.
    Also I was realy disapointed when I heard that OM-D has very slow focus with very good ZD 50-200 lens…

    • OM-D…shot both extensively and at the end of the day I prefer the usability and IQ from the OM-D with good glass. Just so much smoother, faster, and fun to shoot. The X-Pro 1 is nice and I like it more now than I ever did but something about it still feels unfinished to me. Not sure what it is but I think the OM-D with the 12, 45 and new 75 is amazing with no real weaknesses to be found.

  29. HI Steve
    It seems that exciting times are indeed on there way to those of us that use mirror less cameras , with Panasonic launching there new Re-Modelled GH-3. And Olympus launching not one but two new bodies with the Pen E-PM2 and the Pen E-PL5, and both these new bodies carrying the same processor and censor as the OMD-OM5, this can only mean one thing ..? What is the rumoured new Olympus EP5 going to be , there are a couple of small rumours that it could be a new redesigned body based on a range finder camera , if this is so then Olympus have been listening to its customer base and maybe with the success of Fuji’s X-100 and X-Pro 1 range then Olympus have been spurned into action…We live in hope..? Also im really looking forward to Olympus’s new 15mm F 8 Body Cap lens and im sure that within a week of its launch this tiny lens well find an army of followers ‘’ WHY’’ simple because its cheep…And on a final note Olympus have re-designed the XZ-1 with an all new singing and dancing design , and again it incorporates the OMD-OM5 technology its just a pity that the XZ-2 hadn’t been given a built in EVF then this would have been a real competitor to the X-100…As an owner of the XZ-1 which I use as an every day camera for taking to work well I still upgrade to the XZ-2 ? you bet I well.

    Ps.. Lets hope that Steve gets a chance to do a couple of reviews on some of the above I brought both my EPL-2 and XZ-1 based on the reviews posted on this site and they sit nicely along side my Panasonic G2.

    Regards Clive

    • I am hoping for a review/comparison of the PEN PL5 to the OMD. I am considering both but I am torn between the full featured OM-D vs the smaller, stealthy PEN style.

  30. Hi, Steve: For those of us new to mirrorless cameras, it would be helpful to have a listing of gear by date of release and date of your review. Otherwise, one can spend a lot of time reading about several cameras no longer available as new. Thanks.

  31. Hi Steve,

    LOVE the reviews on this site. Very informative, very thorough and not too techie. Kudos!

    I’m looking for an mirrorless kit to use, mostly for video. I have narrowed my search down to a few cameras and would love your take.

    I was wondering if you had a chance to get your hands on the new Panasonic G5 as of yet – that’s one of the cameras I’m considering. The others would be the OM-D EM-5 and either the Panasonic GH2 (or the GH3 if they ever release it and it’s impressive enough to warrant the investment).

    I have already eliminated the SONYs, mostly because of overheating issues, and my other major concern is the 29 minute video recording limit (which the GH2 does not have, but from what I’m reading, the G5 may have been saddled with it).

    Anyhow, thanks in advance for your feedback!

  32. Hey Steve,

    Do you think Olympus is going to release a fast 25mm lens like their 12mm f2 and 45mm f1.4? I know that Panasonic has the DG Summilux 25mm f1.4. But, I really like the Olympus 45mm and 12mm that I got based on your recommendations. If Olympus is coming out with a fast 25mm prime lens with their new AF system, then I might wait for that than getting the Panasonic 25mm.


  33. Hi Steve, appreciate your wonderful work!

    When is the Zeiss E24 lense review gonna come out?? Looking forward to it!!

    Northy from China

  34. Hey Steve, help a wanabe photographer out!
    Just purchased the NEX-7 with 18-55 kit lens (coming from Sony A700) Taking a trip to Colorado in a few weeks. If you had ~$1,000 burning a hole in your pocket, what lens would you add to the NEX-7? I take various types of photos from macro to landscapes. Also, with the great peaking abilities of this camera, would it be wise to go with a converter and use non e-mount lenses instead of sticking with the native lenes? I would love your input!
    Thanks for the site and your great reviews!


  35. Good Day

    Why does Panasonic, who is a major playerin mirrorless equal to Olympus, get lumped in “miscellaneous”? It really is not fair on them.

    • You are correct! Just added a Panasonic section. When I made this page there was only two Panasonic articles listed, that is why it did not have its own section yet. Thanks!

  36. Dear Steve. Your are no doubt one of the best reviewers, if not the one. I promise when i buy one stuff, I’ll do it from your site. We can find from your reviews, information we never find from others.

    Of course, each photographer will prefer this or that camera depending on the kind of photography he prefers to do.

    Each photographer will have a different “Main characteristic criteria for a decisive inescapable, major choice factor”

    ONE is “How discrete is the shutter sound” for street photography

    Between, OLY EP-3, SONY NEX-5N, SONY NEX-7 (Even though possibly more discrete shutter sound than -5N), Fuji X100, RICOH future Lensor 16Mp 24-84mm (Equiv.), Leica M9P ….

    … only Fuji X100 and RICOH meet the demand … due to central leaf shutter … almost silent

    Would others have had a possibility to remove the mechanical shutter sound, OLY EP-3 would have been the one choice (ESPECIALLY DUE TO ITS BETTER LENSES and fast AF over SONY’s) _ but: lack of integrated EVF and swivel LCD like NEX-7 (ALSO so essential for street photography).

    Fuji X100 ? … SLOW, SOFT LENS

    RICOH GXR with future Lensor 16Mp matched with 24-84 (equiv. 35) … ? … still to be tested … and, so far, with A12 28 or 50 lensors (Equiv. 35 mm) …way too slow … AF BUT WITH SNAP AF (hyperfocal distance), could this be compensated … ? … I don’t know. … Snap AF is also possible with OLY 12 mm lens (24 equiv.) and EP-3 … But, RICOH GXR will anyway lack integrated EVF and, at least Swivel LCD …

    Leica M9P (Shutter sound can be easily heard) and, anyway … for those who are not professional, and do not earn their living with it, price is so crazy …

    By the way Steve, you like EP-3 a lot for Micro ¾ OLY Quality lenses available and fast AF … but miss an integrated EVF and swivel LCD like NEX-7 … So, what about the OLY EPL-3 for you (At least with swivel LCD, not integrated EVF) ?



    • The choice has become easier, by that criterion. The Nikon V1, when set to electronic shutter, can be completely silent.

      Do I have to add that it has the fastest focus and best metering?

      Now we wait for the digital OM…..

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